Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodrigo y Gabriella Amazing Bringing Out The Best In Music

If you are into really good music then you should check out Rodrigo y Gabriella's work. Their stuff is amazing from a musical view point. There is no singing just pure musical talent. Gabriella specializes in fast rhythm tunes and percussion while Rodrigo plays the smoothest tunes you will ever hear. When I heard their cover on stairway to heaven by led zeppelin I was completely blown away. I just fell in love with them ever since. Its nice to finally listen to some pure music. It is so refreshing. Their down to earth characters also add a level of attractiveness that many of these so called "artists" (lady gaga, niki minaje) do not have. So I leave you guys with a video portraying Rodrigo y Gabriella's musical prowess. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curry Chicken or Chicken Curry

Sup guys blametruth here bringing you another blog. When you go to a restaurant featuring curry specialities what do you offer? Perhaps curry chicken or is it chicken curry. This may not seem like an important topic but to a guy who loves to eat it is. The problem choosing the appropriate title. When you refer to that famous curry meal as chicken curry you are implying that the chicken is the seasoning and the curry is the meat. However, anyone with some form of education knows this is false. For instance you wouldn't call barbecue chicken, chicken barbecue because it sounds ridiculous. However it is fairly common to name that delicious curry meal as chicken curry. How can this be? Which takes preference the seasoning or the meal. No matter what it may I truly don't care as long as I have a plate of CURRY CHICKEN!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Characteristics of a Smoove Girl

Sup guys blametruth here and today the ladies are on my mind. Idk but to me a smoove girl is hard to come by these days. Maybe I'm too picky or maybe I'm not but smoove girls are extremely rare maybe it's the culture. Idk about in other places but the culture in America is all wrong. Let me explain. Hair color. To me a smoove girl has realistic hair color. None of that artificial food coloring. I'm talking about that green, that purple, that blue, that is a no no for me. Seriously some of these girls bleach their hair to get different colors. That is not a smoove move you feel me. The next thing we have to talk about is piercings. I am not a fan of piercings. I believe that a smoove girl should only have piercings in her ears. No belly button piercings, no nose rings, no lip ring, no anyother places rings. Especially those anyother places rings because that means that you exposed yourself to let somebody but a ring in that place. That's a big no no. ButI mean belly button piercings are okay but it's unnecessary. It doesn't really bother me but it's unnecessary. And nose rings are a big no no. I mean I've avoided dates because she had a nose ring, come to think about it I saw her yesterday. But yea and it looks bad and it's totally distracting during a conversation. It's like that mole dude in Austin Powers it's that distracting. So nose rings are a big no no. But this whole notion of the lip ring omg why in the world would a smoove girl want to put a ring on their lip especially when some of these girls have really nice lips. Why would you want to ruin your nice lips with a ring. Even lipstick, around my age group girls don't wear lipstick and that's a good thing because if you have nice lips why do you need lipstick. Now tattoos. I am not a big fan of tattoos. What can I say. Cause when I see a tattoo the first thing that comes to mind is look at that stain on the body lol. Why would you put that stain on your body girl. I mean some people get tattoos to show appreciation for like a loved one, children and I don't have a problem with that but at the same time if I had children I wouldn't be tattooing their names on my body lol. Tattoos that are no visible are even worse like a tramp stamp. When I see a tramp stamp I just want to leave lol. I just make up an excuse and leave. And what's more the girl has to expose herself, she let an artist see all the goods what does that say about the girl hehe. But the real reason why women get tattoos is because they are terrible flirts. They can't flirt so they get tattoos to make it easier to flirt. That's what happens, I mean your talking to them and their like o I have a tattoo it's natural to say o really where and then they say well and then the giggling comes in and they start laughing. You see that's the real reason, I uncovered the mystery while blogging why girls get tattoos it's because they are terrible at flirting. A tattoo makes it easier for them to socialize and that is what they really want. So whenever I find a woman who doesn't have weird piercings and tattoos I'm giving them smoove points because you know how people give other people cool points I give them smoove points because smoove points are better than cool points they're smoother lol. Another characteristic of a smoove girl would be none of that fake stuff none of that silicon nonsense. I am not a fan of the silicon lol. And technology is changing so it might not even be silicon anymore who knows what it is. And this whole thing with the silicon is that your basically lying to us. Girls with silicon are lying to us, those aren't the size of your boobs your lying to us. Seriously I mean you cant get mad when she starts lying to you when your going out cause before she even met you she has been lying to you. So I'm not a fan of silicon. That fake stuff doesn't make you special maybe it will get you a cameo appearance on Manswers but that's it lol. I guess I could talk about some smoove personality characteristics but nobody wants to hear that nonsense, personality isn't entertaining people don't want to hear that or do they idk I guess I will have to revisit this topic to be continued I guess idk if you guys want to hear more let me know I can talk about this all day. But yea it's been your boy blametruth signing out YEa!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Ladies and Gents Welcome to the Blametruth Project!

Sup guys blametruth here and I want to start off this blog by explaining what my intentions are with my blog. I am a pretty approachable dude open with an open mind willing to talk about anything. My blogs will consist of a variety of topics because as we all know variety is the spice of life. Okay so that was a brief description of my plans now on to the good stuff, my first topic will be the characteristics of a smoove girl. If you want to hear my opinions stay tuned because I promise you don't want to miss this.