Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rodrigo y Gabriella Amazing Bringing Out The Best In Music

If you are into really good music then you should check out Rodrigo y Gabriella's work. Their stuff is amazing from a musical view point. There is no singing just pure musical talent. Gabriella specializes in fast rhythm tunes and percussion while Rodrigo plays the smoothest tunes you will ever hear. When I heard their cover on stairway to heaven by led zeppelin I was completely blown away. I just fell in love with them ever since. Its nice to finally listen to some pure music. It is so refreshing. Their down to earth characters also add a level of attractiveness that many of these so called "artists" (lady gaga, niki minaje) do not have. So I leave you guys with a video portraying Rodrigo y Gabriella's musical prowess. 


  1. it's been a long time since i last heard good pure music, without singing, tnx.

  2. I've got an album by them and like it a lot. I admire the intensity and energy of some of their music while being incredibly technically good.